Tuesday, January 27, 2009

name it


Morning everyone! Its kinda early to update but I have done everything - laundry, housekeeping and etc. Woke up as early as 5.20am coz my x housemate, Shasha yg tgh vacation kat KK ni is leaving for Miri-Brunei this morning. After sending her, I decided to go to the market and buy some veges, fish and others. The big market is now in renovation, so its quite pack outside coz semua stall dah kat luar, termasuklah pasar ikan. If I ajak hubby, for sure dia tak tahan nyer.. lagi pening dgn mcm2 bau dah bercampur2..

Anyway, last night hubby and I had some discussion on the baby's name. Yeah, we already got one but since hubby has a blood of tagalog-filipino so he'd like something with Filipino heritage in it. So I googled (the best searh engine in the world!) and found lists of origin names from its native languange. But somehow it does'nt go along with the other 2 names (FYI, Ilham is going to have 3 names! panjang kan! compensate lah with his Daddy's name yg short & sweet tu.. hehe). I'm sure MIL pun boleh bagi idea. Hmm.. perhaps a name like the famous Philippine actor, huh? haha

OK. I need a shower.

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