Monday, January 26, 2009



Its incredibly true that on CNY every shops are close and but the famous shopping mall in KK town even saved their cost by switching off their lights in the mall! I was happy, at first coz no need to pay for the parking fee - its totally free but then the moment I entered the mall, OMG, it was dark everywhere!

All I wanted to do was some shopping - buy new pillows (expecting a lot of guests starting next month until June!). Luckily the store was open, in fact the only store opened at that floor. Takut gaks, kat pintu masuk pun gelap. Mcm bila blackout and only emergency light jer ada.

Then I quickly grab all the things I wanted and left the mall, start the enjin and headed to the other mall, which is just nearby. Planned to having my lunch at secret recipe (alone, OK!) but I think the food sucks! Oh, before that I sms a friend nak ajak lunch together, who is apparently not going anywhere out of KK but I sure think she is spending her time with her loved one (Oh..camni lah kawan.. dpt yg baru, yg lama dilupakan..hehe) and... I was totally right! (see.. Im getting good in this.. huhu) Agak lambat jgk dia reply and said 'Baru jer lepas makan, ko OK ke?'

Wah, risau gak member aku sorang ni.. hehe.. So, I ended up at Little M4nil4, having Penang Kuey Teow + carrot juice, alone. aaa.. sedeynya.. cayang.. cepatlah balik.. *sob*sob.. Nasib baik before nak gi makan tu sempat beli magazine.. takdelah weird sgt.. huhu..

So for this year I definitely need to check his schedule and the public holidays. I am so going to buy ticket nak balik kg if I need to spend long holidays without him. Kalau dulu, I'll go offshore during holidays so I'll be getting extra in lieu. But no more eh.

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