Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Rasa penat sgt lepas balik keje tadi. Baring2 terus tertido. Luckily tak terlajak sampai esok pagi. hehe.. (cam tak biasa laks..)

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, my hubby will place a pyjamas or shirt for me kan. He did not, but as soon as arrived home yesterday, I went straight to the room and saw his shirt instead on the bed (that he wore last night), with a cute note.*uhuk*uhuk.. lagilah sedih.. of course, I was in tears again.


If you can see, he also wrote the name of our baby. Tp I don't want to reveal the full name yet keh. Opps, that was the interesting news that I wanted to share earlier. We went for my 4th check-up and our gynae confirmed its a boy, insyaAllah! Alhamdulillah, syukur ke hadrat Ilahi. Hubby was so excited as he really wanted the first child to be a boy. Myself cam tak kisah sgt, tp kalau girl hari tu lagi excited kot coz dah semangat prepare nama for baby girl.. haha. Knowing me kan! However, the doc said she will reconfirm back during next month's check-up..

Hubby has also started calling the baby with his name. Now we have a note which is attached to the fridge with a favourite list of names - boy & girl. So both of us will look at the names often and get good feeling for each one.

As to go through this first pregnancy, I really have to do a lots of reading. Alhamdulillah, rezeki baby jugak I got 2 pregnancy books as a present! 'What to expect when you are expecting' was given by x housemate while my x contractor gave me 'The pregnancy Bible'.


Thanks to both of them! It is highly recommended to get one of these, however if you ask my preference it would be the second one. Coz ada byk graphic and not that boring nak baca lama2. The other book tu very informative, tp kena bersabar sket baca coz byk sgt. hehe.

Boring jugak hubby takde time2 cuti ni, esok my officemates planned for a trip to Kelias, its a very nice place tp too bad I dont think hubby won't allow, coz ada naik cruise and nak gi sana pun dalam 2 jam lebih. My frens surely takut nak bawak pregnant lady along. Haha. So takpelah, I better duk diam2 kat rumah. Tp teringin jugak nak pergi sana, tgk kelip2 and tgk sunset sambil naik cruise tu.. They also plan nak gi pulau this weekend, coz Farah nyer kawan ada 2 org datang from KL.. Jeles2.. huhu..

Oklah.. I'm going to cook something to eat. Enjoy your holiday keh! Bye.

p/s: sorry gambar tak clear sgt, pakai phone camera.

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