Saturday, December 27, 2008

Movie marathon


Hi! Its Saturday and its the best day to wake up late from bed.

I woke up at 11 this morning, bestnya tido... hehe.. Last night was the best girls nite out. Our sports & recreational club sponsored unlimited movies ticket for just rm2! Amazingly cheap. So we made our plans and choose which movie nak tgk. Since they are going to pulau today, we have decided that tgk 2 movies jer. Karang masing2 tak terbangun.

Yes Man & Ip Man were the chosen one. No doubt, mmg a very good decision to watch the movies! Best giler, tp for me, Ip Man tu lagi best lah. The plot, the character.. everything perfect! Mmg we did not expect jalan cerita dia mcm tu.. huhu.. Diaorang ni siap nangis2 lagi.. haha.. Lepas movie tu we went for a drink and sampai rumah around midnight..

I still love to hang out with my girlfriends even though after I got married. Of course, the time when hubby's around, I will spend my best time with him. Or if ada dinner or any birthday occassion, I will bring him along. I think the best reason Allah jodohkan kitaorang ialah the 2 weeks when he's at offshore I could hang out with friends, a lot! Usually masa dia takde I'll plan for my training in KL so boleh balik rumah and jumpa kengkawan, anak2 buah.

But once we have our baby soon, things would be different right. I'm not sure if I could manage the baby alone for 2 weeks, wake up in the middle of the night and etc. As a working mother I know its definitely a big challenge. I keep praying biar Allah permudahkan segala urusan nanti, insyaAllah.

Tp, I have a friend in the same company but in Sarawak operation went through the same thing almost perfectly well.

So, insyaAllah boleh kan. If other ppl can, what can't you?

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