Tuesday, December 23, 2008



Finally, I got the chance to update my beloved blog! Im now in KLIA, waiting for my flight to KK at 2115 hrs.

Basically what happened since the last update was I got sick, spent most of the time in the bed and busy attending weddings. Tp takde rezeki sgt nak gi wedding a good of mine, Nik in KL coz I had no one can who can drive me there. Hubby busy tolong my dad & his friends for the kenduri.

But alhamdulillah, we managed to drive to KL and bought the stroller for our baby! Yey.. so our luggage dah byk sgt nak bawak naik flight and I decided to leave the laptop in Seremban coz I knew that I will be coming back next week nyer tu, which was on Sunday. Haha. Mommy travels to much, eh!

Plus, kat office tak leh nak update blog dah! How depressing is that! I think the IT ppl dah block the site, but still lucky enuff to read blogs. Huhu. If tak, I could not imagine my life without blogging in a week!

Tp last week pun mmg quite busy, lots of issues, time2 ni lah mcm2 benda nak bocor and they are all chasing us for all sorts of data. Tension tul. Tp layankan je lah.. kena byk2 sabar jer.

Hubby dah balik offshore semalam, I felt so guilty leaving him at home for 2 nights. My training started yesterday, so I took flight to KL on Sunday. His crew change day is now on Tuesday. So pagi2 Ahad tu sempat lagi gi pasar, coz my mom pesan beli sayur2 sket and I cooked for hubby. He requested for ayam masak lemak cili api before I left for KL. Masak byk2 untuk stok yg cukup for 2 days. Hehe.

So that day was different, usually I'm the one who's sending him off, tp this time terbalik lak. Of course, as always, it was hard and even harder tp hari tu was the hardest time so far. I think because we spent too much time together masa I was on leave and MC 2 weeks ago in Seremban and he took a very good care of me and helped my parents a lot coz I wasn't able to. Balik KK pun I was still not fully recovered, my legs are getting bigger and bigger so tak leh nak berdiri lama sgt. Tp gagahkan jugak diri just to cook for him coz keje2 rumah lain semua dia yg buat. Rasa bersalah lah pulak kan. *sob..sob..sob..

And I knew, by the time I reach home tonight lagilah sedih, to see the house condition yg sgt kemas, pinggan kat dapur dah susun and baju semua dah lipat/basuh. He will also leave a note on the bed and a pyjamas for me to wear (actually depends on my arrival time, kalau ptg/pagi dia letak t-shirt and seluar).

So how could I not love him more and more everyday and nangis like crazy mcm tak dpt jumpa setahun.. huhu.. pastu masa kat imigresen boleh plak office tu tanya kenapa sedih.. lagilah aku speechless, meleleh jer air mata..mesti dia panik jap.. haha.. tulah.. siapa lah suruh tanya.. lu pikir lah sendiri kan.. huhu..

Klah, I continue when I'm back in KK, OK? I got interesting news to share later.


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