Tuesday, December 02, 2008

a quick one!


I'm still in KK airport, my flight is delay for another 2 hours. *sigh* Tp they provided lunch so tak kisahlah. Hehe.

Anyway, Im so sorry if my blog looks ugly with the new layout, I dont know how to adjust the old layout for the pictures to fit. If I resize the pictures, lagilah teruk, nampak muka mcm kena compress jer. haha. So tunggu lah nanti2 ek, dah sampai hotel I'll try to fix it.

Its cold here, dah lah tak bawak any jacket. Ok, lesson learnt. Next time mmg kena bawak. Eh silap, I need to buy one that fits me well for my current size. hehe

Time flies really fast, I'm already 14+ weeks in my pregnancy. Alhamdulillah, still no morning sickness - its been carried by hubby. hehe. Thank you so much! Org kata kalau husband yg pening2 sayang bini lah tu.. hehe.. Next 2 weeks will be our next check-up, which I think most probably we could know the sex of the baby! Yey. By knowing this it will make it more easier for me to shop baby stuff.

Oklah, I'm running out of battery and my charger is in the luggage. Kena minimise barang yg nak handcarry.

Tata. Wish me a nice, pleasant and comfortable journey to Hyatt Kuantan, OK? tq!! Muahh

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