Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hana's Wed


Aha, finally I got 2 pics only from Hana's wedding. Still waiting for others, but I think they are busy. It was a big mistake I made not to bring any camera. Duhh. Igtkan As bawak, sekali dtg tgk masing2 bawak handbag kecik giler.. huhu..

I'm now in KLIA and my flight will be in 2 hours time. Tried to catch an earlier flight, tp you know, school holidays season ni flights to KK are amazingly full. So takpelah.. at least I got time tu update my blog. Dah sampai KK I dont think I will have time, my hubby is now patiently waiting for me at home. Haha. He got back from offshore on Monday while Im in KL for training. Huh. I can't imagine bila dah ada baby nanti camne.

Anyway, back to the story, I went there with As, we drove our own car -(i was on my own, hubby at offshore) as she got other agenda after the majlis. She at first promised nak gi sekali masa we hang out few weeks back, tp camni lah kawan kan..hehe..

Tp apapun, Hana was looking soo beautiful in a white + burgundy dress on her wedding day. Ala nyesal sgt tak bawak camera.

Hana's wed

hana's wed_2

Husband hana ni org tgh sibuk2 amek gambar sempat lagi buat gaya trademark dia. Haha. I met Syed, a good friend of mine back in Sheffield and ramai lagi. Everybody was asking 'Mana your husband?' so the usual and typical answer would be he's at offshore. Hehe. Best gak gi sorang time kenduri tu, coz it gave me a lot of time to borak2 with my friends and catch up stories that I might have missed. Yelah, KK jauh kan, so news lambat sket sampai. Shik pun ada, so sempat lagi kitaorang borak2 - mother's talking. hehe. The next day (Sunday), me & my mom gi umah Shikin, which is not so far from our house. Seriously lawa rumah dia and definitely the house that I dream of. Nantilah later buat cover story rumah Shik lak.

Too bad, I dont have the pictures of us ramai2. Kena tunggu from Hana nyer photographer lah nampaknya.. hehe..

Oklah.. to Hana & Husband,

"Welcome to new chapter of our lives, in fact its the best! Good luck and semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu.."

emmachann & hubby

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