Friday, November 28, 2008

Weekend plans


Yey! Its Friday today. Basically I have done nothing at work, except sending and replying emails. Penat travel tak hilang lagi, so this morning I spent most of my time borak2 with my colleagues. And I will be travelling again next week to Kuantan, for a training. Adoii.

Anyway, the flight yesterday was OK, a bit turbulence masa nak sampai KK but the landing was smooth. It was raining last night and keluar je dari departure gate tu my hubby dah ada and we had our dinner. We already have plans for the weekend, byk sgt benda nak buat. For tonight kitaorang nak gi karoake. Hehe. Then tomorrow survey barang, shopping and etc. His family, relatives and cousins nak picnic on Sunday at Tg Aru and kitaorang join sekali lah. I'll be cooking mee hun and bawak ayam + ikan + udang sket. Its been a long time since I went for BBQ picnic. Nak marinate ayam pun dah lupa dah. hehe.. so kena bukak my secret recipe book lah.

So talking about his family, well, I have yet to learn some Bajau or Tagalog language. My MIL is from Philipine, she speaks Tagalog. I knew few bits in Tagalog, but then I tend to forget. My hubby suka bukak cerita tagalog tp usually they dont have the subtitle and I keep asking him to translate. Haha. Apapun, I like learning new language, so it is easier to communicate with others. Its just a matter of time and practise, right?

I can't imagine our baby later needs to learn how to speak sabahan, tagalog, sarawakian, minang and english.

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