Friday, October 10, 2008

7 weeks exactly!


Hi there. After reading my quite emosional entry yesterday, again & again, I decided to refresh my blog with a happy entry that I can share with everyone.

Well, this week I'm 7 weeks pregnant. How time flies really fast, I keep telling ppl that I'm only 6 weeks. Tp few of them said that my tummy is quite big for a 6-7 weeks preggie woman, that I could be a fast grower??*#? what daa.. I could not imagine more. So now I really monitored what I eat, drink, I even skip my afternoon nap, just to maintain healthy, safe & sound during pregnancy. But the main reason is I dont want to gain extraordinary weight. Or else, I'll definitely register myself for fitne55 f1r5t lepas deliver.. hehe..

Alhamdulillah, I'm not having any morning sickness, yet. But I really pray that I won't have to go through that kind of experience. I fight as much as I can to avoid the feeling. Coz, my mom is far away, my husband pun 2 minggu jer jumpa in a month Sakit pening nanti I have no one around. All by myself. So you can imagine, I have to be strong lah kan. Its good for the baby too, hopefully. My husband sekarang kalau boleh every second nak call asking how am I doing, have I taken my pills, anmum and etc. If dia kat rumah, after Subuh tu kitaorang terus breakfast and he will prepare my anmum, as well as siapkan ubat2 atas meja. So bila dia takde ni I sometimes forgot all the routine thing I have to do and bila igt jer minum. hehe. Luckily he's not reading my blog. Kalau tak mesti dia risau jer kat offshore tu.

But before he leaves for offshore, he will prepare air yassin for me & the baby. I'll use that air yassin in all my cooking. Actually dr yg advice camtu. Kurangkan makan kat luar. Tp bila dia takde, I tak larat nak masak and I think it is a waste. Tak habis pun and membazir jer. I haven't decided yet, which gynae nak pergi checkup monthly. I kinda like the first dr (muslim+lady) tp she's just a normal gp. Specialist kat sini semua non-muslim and ada few jer yg perempuan. I think I'll try my first dr dulu for the next checkup. Later kitaorang decide balik.

Klah. dah ngantuk. time2 pregnant ni cepat letih+ngantuk. Especially after work. Kalau baring2 kat sofa confirm sampai miss maghrib nyer.

Ok everyone. Have a nice weekend & selamat beraya!!


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