Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy Bee

Salam & Good Day to everyone.

Its been long since the last entry kan. Actually, I've been drafting a lot of entries, tp asyik tak habis jer.. coz tgh2 type something came up. In fact, I just got back from 2 weeks vacation at offshore. Huhu. Alhamdulillah, the project completed ahead of schedule with only one punchlist. The pump was OK during pre-comm, however it didnt work masa commissioning. Probably due to chemical kot, masa pre-comm test pakai air jer. Takpelah, its a standby pump pun. Still got the other pump.But hey, at least it was much2 better than the project at my husband's field last year. Byk giler punchlist. 2-3 kali mob-demob.haha.. maybe Allah takdirkan nak kitaorang jumpa byk2 kali and bagi petunjuk.. hehe..masa tu blum kahwin lagi..

I think today is the first weekend tak pergi ofis since 3 months ago. I was working on something and alhamdulillah, yesterday was a big relief for me. After the presentation I smiled, smiled and shared the joy with my colleagues. I've learned a lot on material & mechanical stuff, definitely not my thing. Tp, dah keje kan, I enjoyed it in the end. So after this, byk benda kena follow up and need to be done. Tp for this two weeks, I think I'm going to take a time off from office.

List of thing me & hubby plan to do:-

1. Kuching, 24/7 - 27/7 for a wedding.
2. From Kuching, straight to KL and drive to Tronoh (whatt?? of all other places?), 27/7 - 30/7

Why to Tronoh? Of course gi UTP. I know UTP is a nice place but its a long way to drive. (No offence to x-UTPian..hehe). My dearest hubby wakil Sabah for Majlis Tilawah Al-Quran peringkat Kebangsaan for our organization. Remember I mentioned in the previous entry? He won 3rd place masa Borneo hari tu. Tp, 1st & 2nd place from Swak, so automatically he will represent Sabah/Labuan. But this time is different, ada tambah 8 lagi surah baru. So now kesian dia struggling nak hafal surah2 tu kat offshore. Mmg sgt impressed with him, dpt hafal semua tu. Terasa kerdil jer diri ni. huhu. Member2 kat opis pun cam tak caye jer aku ni bersuamikan al-hafiz. haha.. boleh tak.. Takpelah kan.. Apa-apapun, wish him the best of luck keh.

So tomorrow Im going to KL, ada meeting on Monday. Supposed dah balik hari ni, tp esok ada tournament futsal, so lepas futsal terus gi KL. Monday my hubby balik, so I miss him badly now.

Take care!!

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