Tuesday, August 05, 2008

its all gone

Salam folks.

Well, this will be a very quick one. The office is having renovation; hence we are all temporarily moved to 1st floor until further notice. Don’t ask how the temporary workstation looks like – picture will tell everything. I’ll post some pics later k.
All I can say it reminds me to computer lab at school or even closer, bilik guru.

Anyway, I cant update at home coz my laptop crashed! Everything is gone. The photos masa kat overseas. Tak sure nak nangis ke when it happened. So I just let it be. Tak pernah2 my laptop hang or crash ka, that was the first time and that’s it. Its all because of iTunes software kot. Maybe software pun pening byk sgt music & photos nak kena transfer to iPod. I forgot to click on the option ‘do it manually’. Stupid me. Pasrah jer lah.

I will have to find a new hard drive for my laptop. So hang on, I’ll update later k.

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