Monday, November 26, 2007

tapi bukan aku


I know the title sounds a little bit jiwang but anyway, who cares. After all, its my blog kan. hehe. Btw, its a song by an indonesian band. Ive been listening to the song since yesterday. Plus I can't remember when was the last time teringat citer2 lama ni so sekali sekala bolehlah kan.

We always hear ppl say that the eyes never lie, which I think somehow its quite true. It tells everything bout the person's feeling to us. Ikhlas ke tak ikhlas.

I'm not sure what happen but lately I've been thinking a lot bout the past. I know we can never live with the past but actually its good to have something to be remembered. It's like walking down to the memory lane. Hehe. I just wanted to share my story, at least before I get married.

Kekadang bila dah kehilangan tu baru terasa. But it's wayyy too late already. My X called masa bulan puasa hari tu (time sahur) and he said he was sorry for everything. And as expected dia cakap I was the best girl for her and he can never find somebody to replace me, menyesal coz he took me for granted. Typical kan. Tp I know he really meant what he said. While he was saying all that, I cried, cried and cried. Tapi Allah dah takdirkan yg the best for us kan. Things always happen for a good reason and mesti ada hikmah di sebaliknya. After 11 years, d**m. I have broken so many hearts in 11 years. Even myself coz I liked this one guy (mula2 mmg tak suka)tp dah lama2 tu he made me realized that love isnt everything. He was so kind and treated me nicely. Itulah org kata gajah depan mata tak nampak, semut di lautan jugak yg nampak. But its too late for me, coz when I tried to confess I think he hated me so much. Haha. So that was one of the reason I choose to go to Sabah, apart from avoiding my X.

So ppl, lesson learnt, always confess before its too late. And if you already have someone who loves you so much (although you never felt for her/him) just give them a chance. Its really worth it. Who knows, tu mmg jodoh kita kan. (based on experience.. hehe)

I guess I had too much caffeine kot or maybe this is a sign of stress. Haha.

'Sejuta kata maaf terasa kan percuma,
S’bab rasa ku t’lah mati untuk menyadarinya..'


aLiaH said...

weyy.. dah ler tu..takde maknanya diingat kembali semua kenangan itteww.. buat persediaan untuk menghadapi hari2 yg akan datang.. itulah yg terbaik. alam perkahwinan lebih mencabar dugaannya.. kayy.. take care..

emmachann said...

takpee... sekali sekala.. :) kita kan belajar dari pengalaman..

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