Sunday, November 25, 2007

new digital phone


Huhu. As I was doing my spring cleaning at my workstation, a guy from our IT department came and said he wanted to install the new set of digital phone. Hooray!

The IT ppl emailed us last week, saying that we will received a new set of digital phone and all the extension numbers will be changed as well as the office general line. So I was saying to myself, OK, this is going to be my 3rd time requesting for business card. 1st time of course lah, baru masuk ofis kan. 2nd time masa we moved to 5th floor so ext no pun tukar sekali. Ni tukar lagi. Then in few months time we the 'thinkers' and 'executers' have to move to a new building. Not new exactly, it was the first building used as the main cari*ali office a decade ago.

But anyway, I wasn't expecting this kind of phone when I read the email. Thought of something like 'old fashion' type of phone. Haha. Biasalah. Organization yg penuh dgn birokrasi. I guess company lain sure dah pakai phone yg mcm ni.. tp biasalah.. aku ni gayat sikit bab2 telefon.. hehe..

Tadi I forgot to bring back the manual so now with the power of google terus nak cari. See picture below. Its a Nortel M3904 series.

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Like it! The most important thing is boleh tahu siapa call even hp numbers. hehe..

Can't wait to reach office tomorrow...

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