Saturday, November 24, 2007

Working Saturday..


Hi. As promised yesterday. Finally I can write something here.

Anyway, today is just another working day for me. Sgt penat. 2 of my sectionmates will be away for a month and I am left all alone with a pile of documents. Great.

So basically yesterday we had our handover meeting with my boss before one of my colleague off for his 3 weeks exploration & production course. My boss was also worried of the depressing moment that I will be getting starting next week. Even worse in 2 weeks time since another colleague will be having a tender evaluation in KL for a months. Ridiculous. I just dont understand this whole tendering process in my organization. But somehow that process has given us a lot of time to travel back home to KL. Hehe.

Apa nak citer ek. Oh, next week I'll be in KL attending a subsea engineering course. Really looking forward to it, tp I just dont like the idea of kena present to management if you are attending an external course. Yes, I know it cost SGD3500 tp making such rules buatkan org tak bersemangat jer nak pergi. So like it or not, lepas balik nanti for sure kena.

Btw, my dearest hosmet Shasha is now pregnant! Alhamdulillah.. I am so happy for her, in fact masa dia bagitahu tu I almost cried. haha. Aku pulak yg excited lebih2. Maybe coz hosmet kan.. lagipun so far I'm always the first to know apa2 update pasal dia.. even masa dia tunang dulu senyap2 jer.. tp you know my instict.. hehe.. However, pity her, at this point of time kena away from her husband.. yelah.. sorang keje KL.. sorang keje Sabah.. tp if ada rezeki insyaAllah, she's in the process nak mintak transfer.. mudah-mudahan dapat cepat2.. aku pulak yg trauma tgk dia mabuk2.. hehe..

See, when a woman get married, there are a lot of things that you have to sacrifice and lagi susah bila you have to make a decision - career or family.. I dont know how some iron lady did that successfully! Or maybe they keep it secret.

Oraitt.. jap lagi kul 10 nak gi main futsal. Lama giler tak main.. rindu btol..

babai.. have a splendid weekend!

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