Sunday, December 09, 2007

ms bz bee


Ive been extremely busy and ill (flu, fever, cough) - what a complete package!

But anyway, I think its been quite some time since the last update. Travelling like mad from KK-KL-KK for the past 2 weeks. In fact now I'm attending a technical away day at one of the resort, 45 minutes drive from KK. Baru balik dari KL on Friday pastu kena datang sini laks. Tp not too bad, boleh rehat2 jugak plus blum pernah datang sini lagi. :)

Masa training last week pun it was raining every day in KL. Tiap2 hari kena hujan coz tak stay kat hotel tpt training tuh so kena jalan. Crossing the road jer pun. hehe. tp pusing2 jauh sgt sampai ke KLCC.

Hmm..oklah.. pening kepala pastu sakit sgt dada bila batuk ni.. mudah-mudahan esok lusa baik.. amin.

Bye! Miss you all.

Take care. Wassalam.

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