Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Meeting lagi..


Well, didnt do much work today, as I was too busy with meeting.. Pastu lagi pulak everybody prefer the meeting to be held in Sabah. So diaorang boleh beli seafood, makan seafood, beli mutiara lah, kristal lah kat sini. Honestly, we prefer if we do it in KL instead. So kitaorang boleh balik rumah.hehe..

Last week, I had a meeting with Hook-Up team in KL. They called me before the meeting and was asking my preference nak buat kat sini ke kat KL..I guess you know what was my answer.. hehe..pastu iya2 isi form TRF..sekali boleh tak manager tak nak approve.. coz dia kata usually KL team mesti nak datang sini for meeting.. then dia cakap, 'ni mesti ko yg request..' hehe..bos ni macam tahu2 jer.. luckily he approved it last minute.. kalau tak nangis aku tak dpt balik coz dah excited giler sampai amik cuti on Thursday..padahal Friday meetingnya..

Anyway, I will be going to offshore in a week time. Malas penat jugaklah coz I just got back kan.. No, honestly bukan malas. Dont want to get burn.. haha..But its ok, I will get something in return..hehe..

Oklah..dah ngantuk..its my sleep time. I know, it's only 2100hrs. But that's me. :)

Gud nite. Wassalam.

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