Monday, July 02, 2007



Aha, I went back home as early as 4.30pm. Sharp.. tak larat dok opis lama2..

Btw, HSE department organized a HSE Awareness Campaign today.. plus the blood donation..but me myself did not donate any blood at all. Fobia sikit aa.. you know, after all the operation thingy..tgk jarum pun dah cuak sekarang..eeii..bila tulis macam ni pun meremang2..tak nak igt lah time2 tu dulu..

Anyway, nothing much happen today..keje byk lah tu.. bos suruh buat situational assessment pasal flowline leak and siap suruh present but u know, that is so not me! So I act like nothing happen. As if he never send me that email.haha..

Klah..Im fasting today. So nak gi buat kuih sikit. teringin pulak kuih onde-onde. Dahlah tak sahur pagi tadi.. nasib baik kat KK ni maghrib cepat sikit..hehe..


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