Sunday, April 29, 2007



hello everyone! Yes it is Sunday and I'm in the office. I do have work to be done, but I came to the office just for the sake of getting away from home. Serabut lah. Dah besar2 panjang pun masing tak reti nak kemas. It is depressing you know. You have told them so many times and assumed that it is understood but I guess some people just take it for granted. *sigh*

Nuff said.

Anyway, its been long time tak update blog kan. Sorry lah to those who have been trying very hard to know what's happening to me by calling my friend. Why don't you just go straight to me then? Tak yah nak tanya2 org. And to some of you yg rajin sgt nak jadi part time reporter tu tak payahlah susah2. Nak tahu apa2 just sms, email or call me keh. Then I'll tell you the WHOLE story, deal?

Klah. Nak pergi volleyball training.

Till then, take care & be good. Wassalam.


SoFFeY said...

ooo kak ema, sapa mamat/minah yg penyibuk btul tu. aku knal ke tak? dia ni x tau malu btul la. klu nak cari kak ema call direct la. ni nak pasang2 spy. menyampah betul

emmachann said...

hi Pyan,

ntah siapa ntah org tu..ndak tahu lah ko kenal ke tak..

takpelah..biarlah bah..dia malu lah tu kot.. haha..

Wan Faziatul Amira said...


not so good bunyinyer.. bersabar jelah kawanku

emmachann said...

hello mira,

thanks for dropping by.. ;)

dun worry, everything is under control now..hehe.. cuma that one time jer..

aliah said...

uumm.. called me that day didn't u? sorry can't catched u.. feel really busy rite now.. ISO audit 2days in time.. wedding preparation... arghh.. disasterlar rasanya...nway, u take care k..

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