Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Lost


Its early morning still, but I couldnt wait anymore. I need to write something here.

I've lost my mobile phone, in the house. Unbelievable kan! Im so angry with myself, coz I know it was on the bed, the last time I saw it. 101% sure. Then bila nak pergi kerja jer tiba2 perasan hp dah takde. So I was late to work on Monday.

Tried searching for it yesterday , tp still tak jumpa. The best part is the phone was in vibrating silent mode eh? Cant remember..Pastu this morning baru perasan my Hotlink simcard pulak ntah ke mana. Apa lagi lah nak hilang lepas ni...What have I done to the world??

That's it. Im going to buy a new hp today, after work. A good one. Nokia 6300. Do whatever makes me happy, or buy anything that will make my day.

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