Thursday, September 21, 2006

a fog

Dear All,

1. Im trying my best, in fact struggling to get my work done ASAP cause I totally hate it and it is somebody's job afterall.

2. I am so not into corrosion or material or even metallurgy and now I have to study and even worsT read those kind of thing. Adoiii...Tell me how depressing is that.
The worsttt part is now, I have to start thinking or identify a new technology in Materials, Corrosion & Inspection which may be applicable, as stated in the IPC.

3. Save me from this planet.

4. OK, here's the plan. Esok habiskan keje, next week gi site, the next coming week pergi offshore pastu dah balik rumah for raya. Yey!!

Now, that's the spirit & inspiration.

Sorry tak dpt upload gambar lagi. Lupa bawak pendrive.

Bye. Cya!


aLiaH said...

fiZZa, any gud news i'll inform you k.. berdebar duhh..

emmachann said...

Dear Lia,

I can't wait! ;)

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