Tuesday, June 27, 2006

back to norm


Hello everyone!! Sorry, this blog has been idle for quite some time kan! I really want to update but I just can't. Hopefully my sectionmates wont discover my blog. Hehe..

I guess no one is visiting this blog kot. That's good and even better. But sorry to all my close friends. There is no way to know what's happening to me, unless I wrote something here.

Not much updates. But I think working in Sabah is a perfect idea. Although in the first few weeks I was homesick and I missed my previous company, but eventually I am starting to like it here. I just got back from offshore and I enjoyed it so muchhh sampai rasa a week stay was not enough. I should have stayed longer tapi bos suruh balik kan. Nak buat macam mana..

And yes, we have plan to climb Mount Kinabalu after the induction. Most probably during National Day. So you could easily remember the date. Konon2 first time lah naik Kinabalu. There are other plans too, most of it recreational activities such as water rafting and so on. Rasa dah macam bercuti pulak kat Sabah ni.hehe.. Asyik merayau jer.

By the way, I'll be going back to KL tomorrow, for the 2-months induction programme which commences on 3rd July. *Aiyaak* Lama giler..How depressing is that?

Tapi looking at the bright side of it, I might be able to attend few wedding invitations, insya-Allah. I can't promise but I will try my best. And not to worry, to a few close friends we'll definitely jumpa and catch up stories..hehe.. As usual lah kan.. Macam tak biasa laks..Belum balik lagi cik As dah booked nak jumpa..hehe..

Oklah, I guess that's about it. I shall update when I got the time. Tak janji tau. ;)



mira said...


keje kat mane sekarang? hope everythin is fine for u.. look like u love ur current job

emmachann said...

Hello Mira,

sorry for the late reply..hehe..

currently in carigali sabah operation, yup, loving it!


Anonymous said...

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