Thursday, March 23, 2006



Sorry, Ive been out of touch for such a long time. I had too many things to write but with so little time. Plus I am still sharing PC with my mates and I dont want them to discover my blog. So that I can write anything I like. Hehe..

Lots of things happened lately. Most of them, good news lah kan.. My best friend is getting married in August, not with her 9 years-bf, but with a new guy. I am so happy for her, terharu gaks.. sorry cant mention her name here.. nanti sure dia mengamuk punya.. just wait and see je lah..

The trip to Sarawak was fantastic. The wedding mmg meriah and for the whole 4 days mmg makan je mmg superb and delicious!! tu lah bila balik jer dari Sarawak confirm kena exercise lebih sikit..nasib baik company bayar court main badminton every Tuesday for 2 hours.. so kira OK lah tu..

Then, lepas balik jer dari Sarawak and duduk ofis for a day, terus kena pergi sea-survival training in Pasir Gudang. Serious challenging! The best part was I forgot to bring my camera!! If tak byk gambar boleh ambik. I was the only female participant (well, you cant expect more in this industry) so instructors tu suka lah nak suruh org start dulu buat practical or jawab soalan. The heli safety part was scary. Memang rasa mcm real, boleh pulak terlupa nak tarik nafas. Belum habis heli tu pusing dah try to escape out from the window. Tiba2 boleh berenang laks..hehe.. But the point is, Ive got my safety passport already. So, insya-Allah lepas habis jer task kat office ni bolehlah gi naik kapal..yeyeye..

And hari tu pun ada team building in Malacca for 2 days. Best to know all the vessel's crew. Coz nanti if kena naik vessel kena kenal gaks diaorang.

I am starting to like working here. Although masa awal2 dulu asyik rasa tension jer tp officemates and HOD mmg best so takdelah stress sgt. Awal2 dulu tension lah coz tak pasal2 kena belajar pasal soil engineering and buat report geotechnical. But I think geotechnical mmg best rupanya.. yelah, related ngan alam sekitar kan..hehe.. so insya-Allah next year belajar pasal surveying laks.. tu mesti lagi menarik.

So bila dah start suka keje kat sini mmg ada je dugaan yg datang.. Tak suka when u have to choose between 2 things yg u like both. 2 days ago dpt a job offer from carigali as inspection excutive. Tp kan.. kat mana tauu.. kat KK.. jauh lah pulak.. but bunyi mcm best, never been to Sabah. I m sure it is a nice place to stay, yelah.. Coz rasanya I dont like to stay in big2 cities, like KL ni ha.. dahlah jam. pastu semua org bawak kete mcm org giler.. tension betul.. mcm dia sorang jer bayar road tax..

But I haven't come to the final decision yet..still buat research.. if nak adventurous and challenging job here is the right place to be. But with carigali (client) things are different..basically kalau pergi offshore/platform pun tak lama lah.. just tgk2 if everything is OK, boleh balik dah.. tp as a contractor mesti byk giler keje nak buat..

Haii..susah gaks ni.. igtkan dah tak dpt hari tu.. tp position being offered tu mmg best. but job scope dia wide Im not sure nanti kena inspect apa.. coz dalam offer letter tu tak specific sgt..maybe instrumentation.. coz under Technical Services..

Klah..enuff about that..malas nak fikir pasal tu sekarang.. hopefully today my manager approve my quotation..kalau tak byk lagi keje nak kena buat..

Not sure nak balik Seremban ke tak coz esok ada program gi rumah anak2 yatim kat buat..might as well join..but Farini baru balik dari umrah so maybe tonite ada buat kenduri doa selamat sket..

Wahh..this is long enough.. Will be back sometime in April, hopefully.

Till then, take care, thanks for visiting my blog. Wassalam.


mira said...


long time no see, and some you will be back some time in april. boleh tahan tu!! so where are u now? 2 choices, follow ur gut feelings, everything will turn as you may expect. hehe, kalau carigali, if you are posted oversea, soon u will become my client.. hahaha

emmachann said...

hello mira!

thanks for the msg.hehe.. Im not sure yet.Its a very tough decision. I still have 2 weeks to think about it. Insya-Allah once dah decide nanti I'll write a posting here.;)

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