Friday, January 13, 2006

Nervous but excited!


Well folks, I first planned to write something di malam raya, but since I was wayyy too tired preparing for the food - rendang burung puyuh salai, nasi impit, kuah kacang, apple pies and at the same time babysitting my nephew so it did not happen.
My mother was working that day so I was left with all the housekeeping and cooking stuff.

Anyway, Monday will be a big day for me. Am nervous, but excited too. Rilex, blum habis citer lagi..hehe.. not getting married or engaged, but it is my first day at work (harus amik gambar ni!!). Ada ke org tu sms tanya - "Ko tgh try baju keje ke tu? hehe..lek lek.Monday nanti br pakai." Cess..but anyway, thanks for your concern. haha.. Tell me siapa tak excited. They took 3 months just to confirm my join date. A week after raya call bagitahu dah dpt. Last2 kena tunggu 3 bulan. Takpelah..dah dpt dah pun, that is more than enough. Alhamdulillah.

Most important thing on Monday is, I would like to make sure whether I have access to internet ke tak. If not, too bad. This blog will be out of touch for at least 2 weeks. Will only be back to Seremban on Chinese New Year holiday.

And today Ive spent rm700+ changing the car's tyres (4 sekali), new alarm system, viper, battery, balancing alignment, touch & go, bulb and bla..bla..bla.. *aiyakkk* Susah jugak nak maintain kereta ni. Usually my brothers or my dad yg pay everything but not this time. No more. haha..baru terasa susah nak jaga kereta. haiii.. nak buat camane..

But it's OK. At least I dont have to spend on my car for the next 4-5 months. I hope it will last longer than that.

So friends and folks, if you have any plans of meeting up or gathering ke calling2 lah. I will be staying in Serdang with my brother, Along. (bak kata one of my friend, " Tak rock aa duduk ngan abg!" hehe. But there's always a positive side of staying with your family - you obviously dont have to pay for the rent!

That's enough for today. Will update soon. Please pray that I will have access to internet. Kalau tak habis aa kena kutuk ngan member sorang tu yg keje jer kat company 'big fish' tp tak boleh access gak. hehe..jgn marah aa..

Taaa. Have a nice weekend!

P/s: Will officialy be a full-time PE & part-time babysitter on Monday.

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