Thursday, February 02, 2006

selamat tahun baru..


To all muslim readers, selamat menyambut awal muharram and marilah kita berdoa agar tahun ini akan membawa lebih berkat, rahmat and kurniaan daripada Allah SWT.

I am now in the office, trying to find something to work on. Only 4 of us left here, others are on leave and pergi offshore. So you can tell how quiet the office is.

Weekend in PD with family & cousins was great and I spent the rest of the time sleeping. Hehe. Sgt productive. I was down with a very bad sorethroat and I didnt eat anything for the whole day. The best part is when the flu is back again in town. Makan apa pun tak rasa. One of my officemate went back to Medan (his hometown) for holiday and he brought kek ambon for us. Tapi tu lah, bila makan tak rasa apa. Plus the aircond here is extremely cold. Damn cold. Pening2 gak ni..

Anyway, back to the story in PD, pergi jugak the Girls BBQ & Gath kat rumah As. But just for while. Sempat jugak sizzzling2 ngan diaorang before I made my way back to Bayu Beach (the family gath).hehe. Although tak dpt join the BBQ nite, tp kira OKlah. Got to spend few hours with them. Anne is semakin kurus tp semakin cun gaks.. hehe.. As still the same - lagipun almost every weekend jumpa dia. So tak dpt nak detect any changes. Hana sama gak, Kamychann cun aa, Yeen kurus, Ain still the same gaks. Kat situ jugaklah first time jumpa Aliza, Ifi, Intan & Eeda. Selalu dgr diaorang citer2 jer..

Hopefully nanti ada gathering lagi eh - amacam organizer?? boleh kan..kan.kan.

Hmm OKlah. Actually nak tulis lain, tp dah tercerita benda lain. Tgh blur kots. Pening2 lalat sket.

Will be back soon. Bye!

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