Sunday, November 20, 2005

we finally met..


Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I did attend the wedding in Klang (honestly if I didnt go there with him, I would have sesat in the middle of nowhere). Adli looks different (well, of course he does! After 6 years kan!). He's marrying a staff nurse from my hometown (NS).

Thanks to my friend, who brought along his friends. So my 'perfect' idea did not happen. Instead, they almost drag me to a wedding reception which was the last place on earth I wanna be. Why? Here are the reasons.

1. Mr S.A lives there.
2. I could bummed (95% of possibility) into someone that recently got married since I broke his heart (I never meant to) by telling him the relationship meant nothing to me, just like brother & sister. Sad but true and that was 5 years ago when I did my industrial training at a big oil & gas company.
3. Because my dear friend (called Mr M - bukan nama sebenar) is married, with 2 daughters. I dont want to be seen going out with a married guy, although he is my bestfriend. Ahaa, I guess that is why he brought his friends along.

See, I dont want to make things complicated.

However, to tell you the truth, I almost had an affair with Mr M. But things always happen for good reasons and I guess Allah has a better plan for both of us and I understand that perfectly well. OK, I have a confession to make - I can say that I did regret, for not telling him my feelings earlier. The reason was because I didnt want to ruin the friendship that we had. 2nd he was already engaged that time. And it was already wayyyy tooo late.

To my surprised, Mr M was actually in love with me. And he didnt confess because he didnt want to ruin the friendship, also. He thought there was no way I'd ever have him. (He said I was fussy & choosy! haha..very funny!). "But you weren't supposed to give up!" I said, while crying.

Macam drama jugak citer ni, but finally, we agreed not to meet each other. I am grateful that I was still in UK, struggling like hell for my final exam in June 2003 - the day he got married.

However, today we finally met after 3 years. Itupun because of Adli's wedding and his wife & daughters are away in North of Msia.

But at the end of the day, Mr S.A is always the love of my life. Having Mr S.A is fair enough for me. I wouldnt have chosen him if I was truly madly deeply in love with Mr M. I believed he had erased all the memories with me on the day he was officially a husband to a lady.

The best part is, Mr M reads my blog. Hehe.. Well, I hope you dont mind. Or maybe you are smiling while you are reading this, kan? ;) Its good to have something to be remembered.

OK. Enough. I am off to bed now. In the meantime, thanks for reading & visiting.


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