Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sunday's plan..


its been raining heavily since the past few days and all day today. Well, didnt do much today, besides being a part-time babysitter & full-time chef at home. hehe..

Just got back from dinner with Mr S.A. We had steamboat, which had lots of seafood - something that I dont fancy to eat. But since he insisted & he was the one yg lapar giler so ikut je lah..

Nowadays, I have to make plans for tomorrow. So that I wont be sitting at home doing nothing, except sleeping. ;) So, here's the plan for tomorrow:

1. One of my Poly Kuching's classmate (Adli) is getting married tomorrow in Klang. So I might be attending the reception. Well, I cant wait! I havent meet any of them ever since the graduation ceremony. Urmm..that was in 2001. Wonder how they look like. Hehe..

2. Then I have plans to go beraya. Most probably around Klang & Shah Alam.

3. Since I'll be going to Klang by komuter, a friend will fetch me at Shah Alam Station and I have this 'perfect' idea of dragging him along to go beraya with me. Hehehe..

4. Go back home to Seremban and sleep.

Sounds busy eh? Takdelah busy sgt..saja je buat2 busy. Hopefully tak hujan esok. I cant imagine myself with kebaya & high heels kena jalan dalam hujan. *Aiyakkk..

Oklah. Will be back soon. Have a nice weekend! Bye!


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