Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sarawak, here I come!


OH, I forgot to mention that Mr S.A also reads my blog. He sure does. I am so lucky to have him, since he understands my feelings well. He said, he has nothing to do with my past, what's more important is the future. And I love him so. hehe..;)

By the way, since I will not start working until they call me up, I decided that this will be the perfect time to make use of my free domestic ticket to Kuching! Plus, Emmy's sister - Kak Bob is getting married this Sunday and I so like to be involved in Sarawakian's wedding ceremony, which from what I've heard is meriah. I mean, I've been to a few wedding receptions in Sarawak, but just to eat and then balik.. That was it.

However, I havent confirmed my airline ticket yet. Am hoping that there's still ticket left. If everything goes well, I'll be flying to Kuching this Friday, insya-Allah.

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~Nina with her cute smile!! Isn't she lovely?~

At first, plan nak pergi Thursday but since my favourite Nina (my niece) just arrived today, so I would loved to spend more time with her. And we might go to KL esok, gi beraya and of course, to IKEA. hehe..Some of you may not know this yet, but honestly, I am an IKEA freako. You can tell.
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~Nina & my cousin, Ilyana Syamira~

OK, I guess that is enough for today. Im off for a hot chocolate.

See ya. Wassalam.

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