Monday, September 19, 2005

understanding virgo..


Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Hope it went well.

So here's another horoscope for today.

"The onus will be on money, health and legal matters today. Just do what you have to do. The sooner you get everything in order, the better you will feel and the more apt you are to succeed."

For those of us born on: September 19
Happy Birthday: You will suffer some limitations if you aren't well organized or if you take on too much this year. Pace yourself and be practical about what you can and can't do. Make the changes you know will give you more quality time with friends and family. -- Birthday Baby: You are constant, creative and ready for whatever comes your way. You can adapt quickly and yet remain stable, steadfast and loyal.

Basic Profile:
Analytical, rational, fair, methodical, talented, planner, hardworking, discriminating, tasteful, motivated, reserved, intelligent, creative, orderly, structured, but can be critical, rigid, sarcastic, snobbish, narrow-minded?

Well. That's all for today. Thank you everyone!

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