Thursday, September 15, 2005

its my sister's B I R T H D A Y!


Happy B I R T H D A Y shaema!! My favourite sister of all times. She was my 'adik bawah katil' (I have no idea why did they use that term) kat Teknik PD. So technically, Im her sister yg kena jaga dia kat asrama..hehe..Memang banyak sweet and not-so-sweet memories with her (Shaem, Im sure you know what it is.hehe..)

Here are my wishes for you,

-Wishing you happiness and all the joy!
-Murah rezeki..boleh rasa nasi minyak cepat sikit..hehe..
-Dipanjangkan umur
-Have a wonderful birthday. Im sure you are celebrating it with you beloved fiance.
-Be good, stay pretty & fabulous, as you always do!
-Love you so much. You are the best.

*Big hugs,
Your big sister.hehe.

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