Thursday, September 15, 2005

another Virgo lady!


Hi there. Me again with another birthday wishes. See, I told ya that this month does means a lot. But not for the gift part. haha..pokai lah. Anyway, today is Mark Ela's birthday. One of my bestest buddies kat Teknik PD jugak.


Dearest Nurazela,

Happy B I R T H D A Y! May Allah bless you always, murah rezeki, dilimpahi iman and berjaya dunia akhirat.

Enjoy your bestday!

*Big hugs,


I walked on the way back home from work just now. Not that I really wanted to, but the bus missed me. Really, that's a true story. I was standing right at the bus stop. Suddenly the 20pence-lucky coin dropped. While I was searching for it (OH, I just brought the exact fare today..meaning, no extra coins!). pastu boleh tak bus tu tak berhenti..cess cess cess.. The next bus will be in 40minutes time. I am so not going to wait for the bus. So, there I go. Walking down the street - 40 minutes ok! But best jugak jalan malam2. Tengok orang makan in the restaurants. Damn! I really miss those moments makan2 with family & friends and of course, my other half. Be patient emmachann. You'll be having that once you are back in Malaysia! Yeyy..

Orait then. Better go to sleep. Esok keje pagi.

Bye! C ya in a bit. Wassalam.

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