Thursday, September 29, 2005

Mr Flu is coming to town..


As the title says, yes, Ive got a flu. Been a while since the last time I had it. But this is different. Mr Flu has been attacking everyone else in the house too. And the worst part is, I should be on my way to London tomorrow. Aisehhh..tak syiok lah nak jalan macam ni.

Job as a cleaner at Union is very tiring. Hell yes, it is also a nightmare - cleaning the worst-smelly-stink part of the union, which is The Foundry. Toilet dia.. mak aiii.. boleh menang award toilet paling *&^!!#$%.God knows!

Oklah. I really need to get some sleep now. Will be off to London-Cambridge till Sunday.

Have a nice weekend! Cya.

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