Monday, September 26, 2005

ten things..


Just got back from work..tak sempat2 nak breakfast dah terus on pc chat ngan Hana.. biasalah.. nak network cepat sampai kena call Hana..coz dia boleh buat free calls.. hehe..hishh.. suspen sekejap pasal si Shikin masuk hospital.. rupanya constipation.. Aisehhh.. tulah Shik, ko makan byk sgt asam ni..hehe..Glad that you are getting better!!

Anyway, how was your weekend? Me myself didnt do much. Went to Factory Outlet on Saturday and kemas2 on Sunday..3 weeks more to go!! How exciting is that? Tp yg tak best time balik tu dah puasa.. So tak bolehlah nak makan beria..

I still havent started reading The Undomestic Goddess yet since Ive been busy and extremely penat everytime balik keje.. I think I'll keep that for me to read on the flight back to Msia. Its 13HOURS, for God's sake!! *Aiyakk..

I came across a blog where he/she listed 10 things that make her/himself happy. Well, I think its quite an idea. Coz sometimes you didnt realize that there are smallest2 things that could make you happy. Like watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S all day long hehe..that's me. it goes..10 things that that make me happy. (Not in order)

1) an email from a long lost friend.
2) Cook for other people and watching them eating it.
3) Talking on the phone with nephew/niece. Kids are so cuteeee.
4) Chatting! Yess..with anyone. Especially with sizzlerss..haha..
5) Blogging.
6) Photo albums. Pics of family, friends and of course, my beloved.
7) Sms.
8) Any letter. (Excluding from the Bank, please!)
9) Delicious food!
10) F.R.I.E.N.D.S & Gilmore Girls Episodes.

Oraitt folks..that about it! Mata pun dah layu nih..Take care and c ya in a bit!


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HR said...

Hi Emma

That gives be an idea to list down my 10 things that makes me happy, too!

It's so true, sometimes it's the smallest things that make our day. And I love getting emails from friends. And even better when we get a nice letter in the mail.

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