Wednesday, May 04, 2005

definitely Daddy's Girl


I had to work overtime today. Tired lorr..3 hours of cleaning. Well, I usually finish my job at 6.15pm (the job actually ends at 7pm) but Im telling you, that did not happen today.*aiyakk..

Anyway, weekend was great (ya rite!) and just nice for you to catch up some stories or updates (some might be gossips..hehe) with friends and family. I first called Cr, one my bestest friend in Teknik PD, assuming that she'll definitely has a cerita to tell. But it was the other way round. She had no clues or whatsoever regarding that issue..shhhh..dont tell anyone tau! (hehe..Im in UK and was among the first one to know that story..not bad ha..). Then called Ima-sky (Ima, I tried to reach you several times, but I guess ko kat kg kot, takde coverage), Emmy, As (ko tetap informer aku yg terbaik wehh!hehe), my pak uda and so on..

Surprisingly, they were asking the same question at the very beginning of the conversation...

'Ko dah call ke bapak ko?'

Which made me realized that it is so obvious to them (my friends+relatives) that I am a so-called Daddy's Girl, in other word Anak Abah..hehe (Folks, am I that obvious? Please tell me). I guess it is somehow quite true kot.. Abah will be the first person to know almost everything about me, then barulah my mum. Not saying that Im not that closed to mama, but I am closer to Abah while my brothers they are closer to mama than Abah.

But to some extent, of course I felt comfortable talking to my mum about other issues (clothes, cooking, etc). So in conclusion, they are both important to me. Not more, not less.

Its funny when sometimes my aunts & uncles (even my mom) used me to pujuk my Abah regarding certain issues. Even my dad's elder sisters pun tak boleh nak convinced him and all my aunties say that my dad mmg degil ( I can see where do I get that from). They also say that I am the miniature version of him - like father like daughter.. haha.. ada2 je diaorang ni..

The drawback about that is when I did something wrong, or dont listen to them terus je kata:

'ha itulah Ima tu, ikut Abah kau lah tu..degil..'


Well, no matter what, I am definitely daddy's girl.;)

-Me & Abah @Gombak, my abg ngah's wedding reception-

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