Friday, May 06, 2005

be patient, will ya?


Just woke up from sleep. I didnt sleep well these days and the same thing is expected to happen at least for a month (yes, the exam is just around the corner, what a nightmare!!)Yet still have 4 more assignments to submit!! *sigh. Dont know what had happened to all the good and kind lecturers nowadays.

Folks, keyword here is - patience, OK? In less than 30days, I will no longer be a student!! yuhuuu.. Sounds great, huh? Then what? Job hunting.. yeyy.. But, its kinda worrying me, am afraid if I couldnt find a decent job with a decent salary at a decent place (OH, please dont mind about my language). I have no clue whether or not I will be successful, but I am thankful that I have friends, my dearest boyfriend and family (of course!) who never hesitate to tell me the truth and give me ice-cold advice whenever necessary. They even keep telling me, 'Come on, you've been through a lots, so I dont think if (I repeat, IF) being a jobless person would rather bothering you that much (Yeah, TELL ME about it!)Hmm, no, I hope not. Frankly speaking, I am very much interested and are more keen to be a housewife or a chef, instead. hehehe..

Anyway, of course and as usual doa is the best medicine ever in the world. Insyallah.

Apalah merepek ni?? Sorry guys, Im rambling. Now you can tell how depress I am at the moment.

Oraitt, that's about it. Need to start the engine now.

"Ladies & gentlemen, start your engines.."

God Bless and God Speed. Wassalam.

~Imanina Farhanah (rindunya kat diaa!! and she's wearing my tudung)~

*fighto oohhh!!!

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