Saturday, April 30, 2005

the real 'chann'


Its raining outside. Patutlah susah sgt nak bgn tido.hehe.

Anyway, last nite was a history. Me making sushi.(???) Yes folks, for real. I am not so into sushi, in fact I dont like it at all (sorry to all sushi fans out there!). Went to this Sheffield'S UMNO Jamuan Makan hoping to fill in my empty stomach since I forgot to have my lunch yesterday but finally ended up taking part in The Sushi Making Competition.

-our sushi-

I enjoyed myself though and guess what, we won 3rd place (not bad lorr for a first timer like us, kan?..hehe). Me & Seri were as a team while Nana was the one who gave idea for the sushi. I wasnt sure how it tasted like, OKlah kot??

And if there was an award for the most-not-so-hygiene sushi, that could be us.. haha.. mana taknya, potong sushi atas meja..siapa suruh tak siapkan chopping board. :p

-ha, baru je cakap tadi kan!-

Now I am the real 'chann'..hehe..dah boleh buat sushi.*grin*

Jya Nee!! ;)


P/s[1]-check out my latest pics.
P/s[2]-enjoy the new song!hehe..terus tukar lagu jepun.:P


kudo said...

ayumi hamasaki, beb, lagi cun.

emmachann said...

mr kudo: Indeed, she is pretty.. will upload song from ayumi after this. ;)

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