Friday, April 29, 2005

it's back! it works!


yeye! Gilmore Girls is back! I have been looking forward to the next episode every single day for these past 3 weeks. Like I have no other things to do (which is undoubtly not true), everyday bukak website torrent.*grin*

By the way, MATLAB has been such a dear friend today. But I was being so clever (duhh), didnt save the coding and the next thing happened was the Matlab did not responding. Aiyakkk.

Dear Mr B*ll G*t*s, could you please aware of this? Make sure that the next version of Micr**so*t is reliable enough to run many programs at one time. (hehe, now Im blaming the software plaks..)

TODAY'S LESSON NO 1:Ladies & gentlemen, the magic word is SAVE AS your work, OK? (nampak sgt Im DEFINITELY not a professional programmer..hehehe). Whatever lorr..

Ahaa, wanna know why is it not responding?? hehe..excited sgt nak tgk Gilmore Girls punya pasal lah ni. Tak sabar2 terus play the movie without closing Matlab, Word and Yahoo Msgr. Brilliant.

LESSON NO 2: Always exit other programs if you want to run Matlab.

NO, Im not going to do it again, at least for tonight. Enough lah of coding & programming (whatever you called that!) Spoil lah wehh..

So, here I am, updating my blog. Hehe. Like it, love it and enjoy it.

God Bless and wassalam.

*aja-aja fighto.


aLiaH said...

aku tingat masa aku buat FYP giller horror n nak muntah dah aku buat programming guna LabVIEW. dahler LabVIEW tu very damn confusing.macam menempah horror je aku...

emmachann said...

haha..liah, tell me about it! aku pun tgh suffering ni..programming nyer pasal lah ni..buhsan sehhh..

aLiaH said...

beb!kau bila nak online dgn aku?aku ada cite 'baru' nak share dgn kau.tanak email kau sbb aku nak kau reply ASAP.hehe.ape2pun setelkan kau punya programming tu dulu okies.btw, aku suka 'a wanna be housewife' tu ahaksss!!

emmachann said...

Lia, aku jarang2 online..kalau weekday bz byk giler datelines..ko email lah..kalau ko email panjang2 baru aku balas kot..macam hari tu..hehe.. silap2 email aku lagi panjang..;)

aLiaH said...

aku tau SGT n fhm SGT bagaimana gillernya org bila wat programming nih!haha..takpe2..nnt bila aku senang2 aku email kau ehh..takde ape sgt cuma nak share experience je..aku rasa kau dpt agak kut ape yg aku maksudkan ni..**wink

emmachann said...

lia, lupa nak jawab, wanna be housewife tu mmg cita2 terunggul aku.haha..

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