Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Mr flu, just leave me alone, please..


Didnt really feel to write something here at first, but after a few failed attempt trying to solve a question on Optimisation, I quit. How about a break with blogging?

But terdetik pulak nak check the tutorial question on the Webct.*sigh.. No wonder lah tak dpt nak solve. Because my so-called-old-skool printer didnt print out the plus & minus sign clearly. Haiii..bertuah punya printer!

Now, for the fun part: to start the calculation all over again. OH, how wonderful would that be?

I guess my forecast went wrong. Woke up this morning and my '2nd lover' for these past 2 weeks - Mr FLU has come back but NO THANKS, please go away and give me some space. Monday is definitely not a pleasant day for me, especially today lah. Got flu, fever & headache (what a great combination on earth!!) And not suprising at all, Mr s.a pun demam & flu gaks. Its always like that (a strong bonding, kot? :P) Tapi demam2 pun boleh gi main futsal eh?? Buat sup bola nanti baru tahu.

Adehh, not good. Missed Nina so much.

To ever dearest Nina,
Your bestest auntie will be back for good, soon. Insyallah. But till then, you just have to be good, do not make Atok & Wan in troubles, OK? Most importantly, take good care of my teddys and toys...;)

*Hugs & kisses,
Auntie Iema.


Here's a latest look of Nina with my 2nd sis in law, Kak Dilie.

Time for a hot chocolate. See ya.

*A soul that is under medication.

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