Thursday, April 14, 2005



[Aisehmenn version 1.5]
First: Excited
Second: Loving it
Finally: Mad about it

Well, the 'it' is all about Matlab. I was this closed to get the answers and finally it keeps on giving errors. So then, after 3 hours struggling, I quit. Lagipun I was using Nana's laptop and she got back from uni just ON time (when the error command asyik keluar jer). Its OK, try again tomorrow.

[Aisehmennn version 2.5]
My flu & fever is not getting any better, in fact its getting worse. I took the medicine 3 times today, complete set of it but still, camtu gaks.. (Well, that is unbelievable, you hardly see me taking any medication - so not me!, unless dah teruk sgt) Hope for a better day tomorrow, InsyAllah...

[Aisehmennnn version 3.5]
Ive mentioned yesterday Mr s.a pun demam gaks kan. And he is also getting worse. aiyakk.. risaulah pulak.. keep thinking about him while doing my homework. Coz dia tak larat talking on the phone with me, instead he choose to sleep. So now you tell me, how worried I am.

[Aisehmennnn version 4.5]
Adehhh..esok lectures from 9am till 5pm. Give me some momentum, please.

Thats about it. Couldnt think of another aisehmenn version. Next time lahh. (I was thinking to make it sampai 6.5 version, so that sama ngan Matlab version that Im using..haha..)

Okie dokie folks. Chow chinn choww..

*definitely no other version of me.

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