Sunday, April 10, 2005

wishing for a Miu Miu shoe..


orait, the language will be back to normal again. No more foreign language..haha.. and please my friends, dont try to converse in bahasa Swak if you are not that fluent, or else it will sounded like....hrmm..cant find the exact word for it. :P

I was the one who wanted a shoe & pants & handbag (for formal event, so that at least I dont have to borrow ppl's stuff if I ever get a chance to be interviewed again, which I think the probability is one out of 10.hehe...) Alas, it did not happen. I only bought 2 bottles of Vitamin C (as suggested) and birthday cards. That's about it. And Seri, who at first just nak teman ended up buying 3 pants with a total price of GBP 23.50. Obviously cheap, for something from Gap, DP & Miss Selfridge. OH, how frustating is that, ha? The same thing happened jugak masa kat Yorkshire Outlet..hehe..

But its OK.. For a shoe & handbag, ebay is always there. I was browsing stuff kat ebay and fortunately I found a cheap Miu Miu shoe. But unfortunately, bila dah nak habis bidding terus jadi mahal. NO, of course Im not going to buy a shoe for GBP 50. However, a wishes is still a wishes..Folks, if you are thinking about my birthday present, that's a big hint for you. Hehehe..

OKlah, since my body is lack of Vitamin C and the vegetables, the menu for today is Vegetables Soup and Smoke Mackerel. But before that, kena gi beli barang dulu.

Till then, have a good day & take care. Bye.

*Vegetables soup for the soul.

~A picture is the expression of an impression~ (So tell me what am I trying to express and impressed here?

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