Monday, March 28, 2005

wishing for the heart to be braved enuff..


hye all..

How was the weekend? Mine was completely a chaos, struggling to think like a professional, but luckily my friends were helping me out with some stuff like - shopping, cooking and giving ideas.

Shopping? I bought a suit, well, I had to (OH my God, it is damn expensive). But there is always Mastercard...hahaha..Ladies, the keyword if you wanna buy a suit - 3S. STRIPES, SHORT & SEXY.. (Well, the 3rd one was Nana's idea aka my consultant of the week)

Will be off to Aberdeen tomorrow. Ahaa..wish me a safe journey & nice holiday..;) hehe..OH, I wish the holiday is for real.

Till then, take care & cya in a bit.

*Flying without wings.

p/s: Thanks for the tips, advices, support, encouragement & definitely, the mastercard.. haha..

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