Friday, April 01, 2005

nasi kerabu and of course, Allah knows best!


huh..feels good at home! Was totally exhausted after the journey..(OH, how could I describe that..travelling with Fokker aircraft?? Tell me about it!)Luckily, the orange juice was the 'hero' of the day.*sigh..OH PLEASE, not again with that aircraft.

OKlah, no more secret. A friend said to me that maybe you should start telling ppl why on earth did you go to Aberdeen (definitely not for pleasure) So that they can doa for you as well..'Kata-kata itu kan merupakan satu doa..'Ameennn..hehe.. Folks, pray for me, OK? The interview went so-so (like a 50-50%, the HR interview-oklah..but technical tu &*&^%#$!%^%$), I cant really say what the chances are (Do you ever expect questions like - How does a fuse works? or What are the dis & advantages of fiber optic & bandwith? or What are the criteria to choose a motor for a swicthboard? and bla..bla..bla..) * I have nothing else to ingatt..

Well, simply say..kalau ada rezeki dapatlah, if not, balik Malaysia lahhh...Wish me the best of LUCK and of course, Allah knows best! InsyAllah. (Shaem, Im sure you will be excited to hear about Aberdeen!)

Just updated the fotopages with some pictures kat Aberdeen (NO, sorry, I dont have a picture of myself wearing suit) Went there all alone! Too shy nak suruh org amikkan gambar..hehe

Finally, after 3 days of typical western meal, I had a truly Malaysian dish today. TQ Seri!! Ive been thinking all day nak makan apa malam ni (the idea was to have a proper Malaysian dish) but was so lazy to cook. So, bila terjumpa Seri kat Tesco and she invited me for a Nasi Kerabu, apalagi..pucuk dicita ulam mendatang..hehe.. mmg sedap sehh..(ada org tu sampai garu kepala sebab pedas.. haha.. can you see any connection here?? pedas = garu kepala??)

Asyik makan fish & chips..tak variety langsung makan kat Aberdeen! (ada byk variety actually, its just a matter of nak makan ke tak jer..hishh..tak lalu lah..)

Thanks again to Seri. Hope to get another invitation soon.hehe..(invitation makan tau, bukan tido sana..)

So, that's all for now. God bless.

*Only God knows why..


didie said...

pedas = garu kepala?? mcm kenal je..tapi siapa ya ;)

emmachann said...

yes, u definitely kenal that person. haha.

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