Saturday, March 26, 2005

heading into the unknown


Finally, Im breathing again. Alhamdulillah. What took you so long to recover?

Btw, Sepil is so gloomy this morning (as usual & as it is..). Has nothing specific to do today, except waiting for a friend to come over and we'll be watching movies all night long..Well mate, I think you should pack some of your stuff and leave it here, so it will be easier for you..At least you dont have to borrow our clothes everytime tido sini..haha..We dont mind actually..As long as you are having a good time here! Me & Nana both like to entertain ppl, well, what else could you do here anyway? Any ideas?? NO, not in Sheffield, obviously. Bored? Yes, indeed. Tell me about it.*sigh

Am not playing badminton tomorrow, I hope so. The fever and flu have not yet fully recovered, so dont try to make it worse, OK? Get some rest and enough sleep.

Okie dokie.Im outta here.

Have a nice Easter & be good.

*Saturday night fever.

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