Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Now I'm talking..


the flu has gone, but the fever & cough still there..Didnt sleep well last night, asyik batuk2 jer..aiyakkk..kelepek lah ini macam..

Ahaa..Warwick Games on last Sunday was fun, despite the cold..and a hell lot nicer when a team accussed me for being biased (I was the referee for their match).. bingit betul.. x professional langsung..I dont understand, their team tgh leading that time, so what's the big deal if its not their ball.. dahlah main tolak2.. mcm budak2 sekolah plaks.. pastu memandai2 nak kata I was unfair.. geram sungguh time tu.. at first sabar gaks, tp bila dah 3 kali diaorang cakap2 mcm tu, then I said - "ha, nak sgt jadi ref ke? I can stop the game now.." terus, senyap.. HELLO, this is not World Cup or Champ League.. its just Malaysian Games, for God's sake!! But hey, they were not the champion pun..OH, Thank GOD!hahaha.. (NO, I wont say which Uni was that..)

So that was it..My final netball tournament in UK..not sure if I still have the chance to play again in Malaysia..Definitely not with the same girls again.. Thanks to Niza (GA), TT (GS), Wawa (WA), Seri (GK), Nora (WA), Ind (WA/WD), Iekin-Bruneian (GK), Shidot (GK), Nana (WD), Farah (GD) for the good team work masa Warwick Games, Sheffield Games & Notts Games hari tu! Korang mmg best!!

Still remember the entry on 'A blues weekend..'? As you can see kat my latest pic, our team ada new bibs!! yuhhuuu..finally..after 3 years! Dari Malaysia lagi tu.. to be specific lagi beli kat Seremban..ahaa.. siapa beli tu ek?? *wink*wink*..hehe.. Many thanks to Mr s.a!! Tulah yg sampai sesat ke Batu Caves nak hantar the bibs to TT's house coz TT's parents nak dtg UK time tu..TQ, TQ so much anyway!! But sorry, we didnt win..:( Perhaps next time they should buat medal for 3rd place..hehehe..

So, that's about it. Time for medication...(adehh..paling x suka mkn ubat..)
Take care & Happy Easter!

*Crazy under medication..

p/s: Ive updated my fotopages.Check it out..;)

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