Monday, March 07, 2005




Sheffield Games was held yesterday..and guess what, we've won, ALHAMDULILLAH!! I know, not as the champion, but 1st runner up, tp still, we've won!! oppss..did I just say that again?? hehe..sorry folks!! finally, after 3 years, at our own home ground.

Just a short review about yesterday matches, OK?

We played 3 games and then got through to the semi, played against Leeds A in the semi-final and Notts (Nothingham) in the finale..of courselah we lost masa final, but that doesnt matter, as long as we kalahkan Leeds B..haha..coz masa Notts Games, kitaorang kalah dgn diaorang masa quarter-finals..physco aa diaorang main..rough sgt..mengalahkan our team lagi YES, if you are asking, it was a great victory..hehehehe..

The results of the games were;

Sheff vs MASSOC = 9-1
Sheff vs LEEDS B = 3-1
Sheff vs Loughborough = 8-1
Sheff vs Leeds A = 3-2
Sheff vs Notts = 1-7..hehe..dont ask why..

Above all, it was a great pressure at all, even masa final..coz time tu dah penat gilerr..baru je lepas game semi final and terus kena main for final games due to time constraints..whatever..

The Sheffield's Team - Couldnt find a picture with 10 of I chosed 2 pics and combined them..;)

C =me, myself.
GA =Niza
WA = Wawa & Nora
WD = Nana & Ind
GD = Farah
GK = Seri & Shidot

Thanks to the team for the great teamwork, spirit, determination and everything! and to all the supporters (not many of them actually, coz most of them were the commmittees) but still, they did cheer we up..many2 thanks!

After the prize giving ceremony, terus balik..mana tidaknya..lepas games boleh pulak kena flu & demam..adehh..(demam terkejut kot..hehe) and then ada makan2 mega lagi with Nana's friends from London, Fatimah & Cik Pah..lupa nak amik gambar menu malam tadi..hehe..this time Chef Nana yg masak..Seri pun join jugak..coz dia tido sini semalam..boleh pulak me & seri malam tadi before tido tgk CD indon ni - Kiamat Sudah Hampir, Men! ada tak org dah tgk citer tu? tapi kitaorang tgk satu cd jer malam tadi but sambung pagi tadi coz dah tak larat and me dah terlelap2 lepas makan ubat..

That's about it..Im gonna have a strawberry triffle while watching Gilmore Girls.. what a great combination! hehe..

Adios amigos!

*Unity through sportsmanship.

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