Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Crime victim & the prime witness??


I know.Its 2 o'clock in the morning and Im still here in front of my pc, not doing any school work. But just did nothing..I would like to share a crime story that had just happened.

Crime Scene: 15 A, Filey Street

Somebody broke into our house just now..around 10pm..I was in my room, doing some homework, while Yana was in her room, just about to sleep. Nana wasnt at home.

Around 9.50pm Ive heard a sound of a broken glass.Thought it was Nana, so I ignored it.But then, somebody opened my room's door, without knocking..dahlah kasar je I turned around and saw a glimpse (I think I saw half of him..) of a black man, wearing cap & sweater..Ya Allah..siapalah pulak ni. Wait, I didnt shout! Not until 3 minutes after that and went straight away to Yana's room with tears..Yana pun said somebody bukak pintu bilik dia jugak..but she didnt see him coz dia kat dalam selimut..and the most scary moment ialah masa both of us (with a not-to-brave heart) bukak pintu living room and tgk pintu belakang & tingkap yg kecik itu dah I guess he broke in thru the window and keluar ikut pintu..coz kunci pintu tu ada kat kat situ..nasib baik dia tak amik kunci tu..if not esok confirm aa rumah ni penuh ngan carpenters..and Nana's room dah habis kena geledah..he took 60euros from her room and nothing else..the camera was on her bed, maybe dia nak amik dia kumpul semua kat atas katil dulu..sekali tgk2 dah terkantoi so dia cepat2 lari..hmmm..Alhamdulillah he did not harm anyone, but still, sgt scary lahh!!

10 minutes lepas tu police datang..and amik our statement..tak pasal2 aku dah jadi crime witness..and they said try not to touch anything until tomorrow..coz esok Crime Scene Officer nak datang and check out for fingerprints..OH! just like what Ive seen in the TV..Tell me about it!!

And now Yana & Nana are sleeping kat living myself takleh tido when the light is on, plus I dont feel like sleeping or closing my eyes for now..not until dah terang..takpelah..jadi guard jap mlm ni..

Moral of the story:
i. Always learn how to react ASAP
ii.Lock your door when you are in the room (Obvioulsy I cant do that coz mmg takde kunci!)
iii. Dont touch anything, until the police arrives. Your fingerprints might not help.

Okies..dats all the update for today..Doa for us, and thanks for all your concern! Really appreciate that!!

*The prime witness

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