Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Dried Chinese mushroom..please come to me..!


well..well..well..I didnt turn up to a lecture yesterday, coz last week when the teacher gave a new sheet he said - "This chapter is not examinable.." woohoo.. Then you expect me to read the whole thingy.. haha.. no wayy.. But, this Thursday I will have to attend it, coz by that time the non-examinable chapter dia dah habis ajar..

So, here I am..sitting in front of my pc..Had my lunch just now, spaghetti with cauliflower.. followed up by a strawberry triffle and finally, a cup of cappucino.. yuhuu.. life is great!

Am craving for a kuey teow ladna lately..oohh God, where can I find the dried Chinese mushrooms?? (please dont tell me I have to go to Tai Sun to get that coz Im not that rajin to walk that far..no..no.no!)

Wait, another sad news..Tiger is dead!! (Mr s.a's kitten). sob..sob..sob..I am so sorry to hear that dear!! I wish I was there..your dad tak sengaja terlanggar, so dont blame him, OK? We'll find a new cat nanti, tak pun kita curi Faezah punya kucing parsi..hehehe..Faezah, jgn marah...ko nak kahwin tak lama lagi..hehe..

Time for an episode of Ali@s! Chow chinn choww..

*I crave for kuey teow!

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