Thursday, March 10, 2005

Kittens anyone?


hye..Ive no lectures has been interesting lately! But I was late for work today.. bgn2 tido tgk jam 5pm.. kelam kabut lari gi keje.. nasib baik supervisor tak marah.. *grin.. Had chicken kebab for dinner.. nyam.nyam.. waaa.. Ive been eating a lot lately, I mean, throughout this week! OH, This cant be happening! What I ate this week;

-nasi minyak
-nasi beriyani
-lamb curry
-roasted chicken with garlic & parsley
-nasi lemak
-spaghetti with cauliflower
-strawberry triffle
-lots of chips
-4 or 5 packets of wotsits

dats it, Im not gonna write more!

Tomorrow : Thursday, definitely not an interesting day for lectures the whole day which started as early as 9am until 5.15pm.. *sigh.. just like those days masa kat Poly..start dari 8am - 4pm.. sometimes until 6pm.. penat giler!

Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday Mr s.a's kitten, Tiger is dead.. so he is now desperately looking for a new one, hoping that he could get over with Tiger's dead..
Therefore, if anyone of you out there ada kittens nak jual or tahu where to find kittens or kasi (which I dont think so..hehe), do inform me okehh..

Oraitt folks, till we meet again!


*"Happy is the home with at least one cat" - Italian Proverb

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