Saturday, February 26, 2005

A snowy, snowy week


It has been a freezing week so far, snow falls almost everyday. It's just unbelievable, SubhanAllah..very beautiful!! take a look at my fotopages if you wanna see more pics..

The most extreme snowy day was on Thursday, so I 'ponteng' a lecture (since other lectures have been cancelled due to severe weather condition - an email form the secretary of Department.*big grin) and headed to Western Park with few other friends for a 'snow ball war'..haha..

But then, woke up on Friday morning with a flu & fever..*sigh..Feeling much better now lepas makan ubat, Alhamdulillah..

Today's event:
1. Netball training has been cancelled due to bad weather condition (again!)
2. Wawa's birthday party (supposed to be a surprise one..yey!! cake lagi..nyum.nyum..)
3. Waiting for Seri to come over and we'll be doing The Exorcist marathon..(me, seri & nana)

Time to get some hot chocolate.

Chow chin chowww...have a nice weekend!


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