Friday, February 25, 2005

New layout, huh..


yey!! finally..a new layout..what do u think about it? (better be good, OK..coz I took 2 hours to do this.. *sigh.) its been ages since the last time I played with html coding..errr..MATLAB does not considered as coding kan..hehe..

Sooo many things I wanna tell and update here, but tomorrow is the dateline for my weekly project report..*half sigh..maybe tomorrow nite okies! anyway, you can check out at Faiz@Blek's blog for Niza's Birthday Party..nice one!! (Blek, you can really be a penglipurlara mate!haha)


*freezin over here..

p/s:I have no idea wut's happening with the weather these days..dah 3 hari snow.. Allah's will kan!


Muhammad Hisham Salleh said...

hi, lawa-lawa...

emmachann said...

Thanks, to who ever u are!

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