Monday, February 28, 2005

roti jala, lamb curry & a football match..anything else better than this??


1. (Yesterday..)

Had too much food yesterday at Wawa's Birthday Party..-Laksa, lasagne, roasted chicken, 3 kind of chocolate cakes (oohh!! sgt irresistible!!). It didnt really surprised her coz when she got back home instead of the living room, (where we were hiding) she went straight away to the kitchen and guess what..the periuk of laksa was there..!! haha.. (not like niza's birthday party, surprised giler sampai tangisan dalam keharuan.. hehe).But overall, it was fun and most importantly, semua org kenyang..Alhamdulillah..:)

The Food!!

The Real Birthday Cake

2. (Today)

i. Another netball training session..from 11am-2pm..penat sehh..dahlah sejuk..

ii. Watched a football match - AC Milan vs Inter Milan with .. sambil2 makan roti jala with lamb curry..huh!! what a combination!! I cant think of anything else better than that..


OH no!! I havent started doing my 3rd weekly report yet!! huhhh...but first thing first, tido dulu lah..esok pagi buat..hehe..totally exhausted!

Time to sleep..zzzzz. Last but not least, take a look at the picture below,

cantik kan?!?! courtesy of someone who is a so-called professional software user.. hehehe..Cheers mate!

Good nite & wassalam..

*Sleepless beauty.

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